Insurance Fraud

Specialist insurance fraud investigators

Comprehensive insurance fraud checks carried out

The insurance fraud checks cover work-based accidents (or sickness) and post compensation action.

For example, this could be where an employee is off work as a result of an accident and claims to be unable to work, but is working elsewhere at the same time.

Prevent insurance fraud

Our team of insurance fraud investigators can detect and prevent employees from submitting fraudulent claims or those who aid the progress of false claims submitted by others. At Foxtrot Services, we carry out thorough investigations to identify patterns and detect changes in fraud behaviour and unlawful activity.

Get in touch with our Birmingham or London based teams to discuss your requirements. We provide a wide range of vetting and screening services for clients throughout the UK.
Key benefits of fraud investigation:

  • Helps detect insurance fraud
  • Prevents fraudulent account transfers to employees' accounts
  • Helps prevent false insurance claims
  • Reduces the impact on genuine claimants

The fight against fraud

Protect your business and customers from the threat of insurance fraud
Identify fraud risks and reduce loss from fraudulent claims
Verify and process insurance claims efficiently



We can help you process claims efficiently. Call the fraud investigation team at Foxtrot Services, Birmingham.

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