Documentation Check

Tenant, documentation & identity checks

Ensure your employees hold a valid driving licence or Passport.  Validate who your tenants are
Prices from £10.00  (fully inclusive for each check)
Tenant checks £55.00
Bank account verification
National insurance number verification
Document check
Driving license/Passport verification
Adverse credit check
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Comprehensive documentation checks

New laws introduced by the Government make it your responsibility to check the credentials of your employees or tenants in these uncertain times. Failure to do so will result in fines of thousands of pounds for each infraction.

At Foxtrot Services, we are able to check the authenticity of passports, driving licences, national identity cards and all bills and attributing paperwork.
Foxtrot services also offer landlords comprehensive tenant checks. We are able to verify all documents and bank accounts as valid and also adverse credit reports.

How can documentation checks help your organisation?

As an employer you need to verify the documentation provided to you by a potential employee is valid. We will carry out thorough checks on your behalf to ensure the documents you have been supplied with are valid and the person in question is genuine.

Get in touch with either our Birmingham or London based team for more information on our vetting and screening services for clients across the UK.
Checks that are included in the package:

  • Bank account
  • Passport check
  • Tenant check
  • Identity check
  • Driving license check £15.00

Detailed and accurate reports

Review of official documents
Our team will ascertain if the document is genuine
Verifying prospective employees’ right to work

Prices start from just

fully inclusive for each check

For robust passport and document checks, and also tenant vetting, call Foxtrot Services.

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