About us

Who we are

Foxtrot services Ltd was established by a group of background checking and security specialists due to a gap in the market for a company that could offer a ' one stop shop ' for a wide range of National and International checks.
Our primary purpose is to assist companies, groups and individuals in removing much of the inherent risks in today's society as possible, from scenarios as diverse as verifying new staff member's credentials to pre and post relationship checks.
We are fully licensed under the data protection act.


Our team at Foxtrot services have many years experience in both the British and U.S Military, and also a specialist manager with 30 years experience in the insurance sector.
Our company is now operational in Florida, USA. 
We have the most up to date software at our disposal and contacts throughout the world.
The company motto of being  " fast, reliable and factual " is essential to us.
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